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Training for rock climbing – Improve your climbing ability

With training for rock climbing, the secret to success is a blend of factors:

– Good technique

– Good body strength

– Good mental strength


Whilst training for climbing, technique is essential. It is unrealistic to expect that anyone with decent upper body strength can haul themselves up technical climbing routes. Some climbers refer to climbing as similar to dancing and good technique is an art form that can take years to master. We have put together posts to help you develop your technique and to help you improve your climbing ability.

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5 easy tips to improve your climbing technique


In this article we look at 5 ways that you can improve your climbing technique that you can try next time you hit the gym.

Warm up and Stretches for climbing

It is important to maintain a proper stretching and warm up routine in any sport and climbing is no different. Here you’ll find plenty of stretches and warm ups to help you reduce the risk of injury and perhaps even help you send that route you’ve been trying.

Body Strength

Just as technique is important for a climber, strength is another factor in training for rock climbing that trips up a lot of newbies on their quest for new heights. Strength building can be complex and is typically improved over a matter of time spent in the climbing gym or on the rock. However, we have put together some climbing specific exercises to help you improve your body strength the easy way!

Everything you need to know about building strength for climbing

Sometimes, technique just isn’t enough to get you up the route and you will need to call on every ounce of strength you can muster up. We have outlined tips and workouts that can help you boost your body strength and you’ll soon be mastering those routes that really call for that something extra.

Finger Strength

Boosting finger and grip strength is the perfect way to increase performance and can have a huge impact on your climbing ability. However, building finger strength is a slow process and can be damaging with improper guidance. Our guide outlines the perfect way to improve you grip.

Upper Body Strength

Upper body strength is perfect for pulling yourself up those overhanging routes that call for you to summon the beast within. Learn the best workouts to help with your climbing.

Arm Strength

Obviously, arm strength is naturally important for every climber, unless you don’t use your arms (In which case let me know and I will feature you on this blog!) We’ve put together a run down of the best workouts for building arm strength when training for rock climbing.

Core Strength

Core strength is excellent for improving communication between the upper and lower body, strong legs are nothing without core strength to connect them to upper body strength. Find out how to build core strength for climbing here.

Leg Strength

Legs play an important part in climbing and the stronger your legs, the better you’ll climb. The legs are naturally stronger than the arms but the more you can do to build strength when training for rock climbing, the better.

 Mental Strength

Mental strength is critically important for climbers. Climbing mentality is a combination of meditation, stamina and aggressive explosive determination. There are techniques to help build mental strength and we have outlined them in the articles below.

Climbing vs Life

Climbing can provide a lot of life lessons and vice-versa. Learn from Matthew Childs on Ted.com about how he learnt some important life lessons from his experiences when climbing.

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