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The top 15 best climbing shoes review.

If you are looking to buy the best climbing shoes for you then look no further. We have reviewed the top 15 shoes on the market and giving you the low-down on which is the best for you.

The first thing to remember, is that the best climbing shoe for you will depend on a number of things:

* What type of climbing you do

* What your budget is

* Where you are climbing

If you would like to find out which shoes are the best climbing shoes for you then Click here to see our Ultimate guide to buying Rock Climbing shoes.

Below, we have reviewed 15 of the best climbing shoes in the business, broken down into 3 categories:

1. Beginners – We look at which shoes will be best for those just starting out who want a shoe to get them through the learning stages easily and comfortably.

2. Traditional / Multi Pitch climbing – Next we look at shoes suited best to those who prefer climbing for long periods of time. We look at 5 shoes that provide the best grip whilst providing the comfort needed for those long haul climbs.

3. Bouldering – Bouldering problems usually call for a shoe with an aggressive down-turned shape. Comfort isn’t as much of an issue with this type of shoe as these types of routes tend to be shorter in length.

so let’s get started!


The top 5 shoes for Beginner climbers…

Side-by-side Comparison

TitleMad Rock Men's Flash Two-Strap Velcro,,Orange,12 M USEvolv Men\'s Defy Vtr Climbing Shoe,Charcoal,10.5 M USFiveTen Men's Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe,Moccasym Red,7 M USLa Sportiva Nago Mens Climbing Shoe 43 RedLa Sportiva Mantis Climbing Shoe
BrandMad RockEvolvFive TenLa Sportiva
FeatureRecommanded for Bouldering, Sport, Trad/Multi-Pitch, Gym, Competition, Guide/Rental & Crack Climbing
2-strap closure. Asymetric shape
Premium leather upper. Leather footbed. Standard midsole (compressed polyester 1.8 mm thick). Flat sole.(3.8 mm thick)
R2 rand (1.8 mm thick). 3D Molded Hooking Heel
Weight (US 9): 230g
1mm half length midsole
Non stretch upper material for consistent performance
Perforated upper for breathability and comfort
Comfort fit perfect for beginners
Triple pull tabs
Side-exit heel seam
Slingshot heel
Stealth C4 rubber 4.2mm
Ventilated upper with a perforated, lined synthetic leather arch area for moisture management
A great fit that delivers performance and comfort
5mm Vibram XS Edge and XS Grip2 (Women's model) sticky rubber outsole
TitleMad Rock Men's Flash Two-Strap Velcro,,Orange,12 M USEvolv Men\'s Defy Vtr Climbing Shoe,Charcoal,10.5 M USFiveTen Men's Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe,Moccasym Red,7 M USLa Sportiva Nago Mens Climbing Shoe 43 RedLa Sportiva Mantis Climbing Shoe
Rating4.4 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars4.6 out of 5 stars3.5 out of 5 stars4.0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews


La Sportiva Mantis – ($65) –  – Read Reviews

La Sportiva Mantis

La Sportiva Mantis

The La Sportiva Mantis is an excellent all-round shoe with a Velcro fastening. It is durable, comfortable and the material allows for a certain amount of stretching and form fitting without becoming sloppy or losing precision. This is by no means one of the best climbing shoes, but it is one of the cheapest shoes on the market making it an excellent choice for the beginner.

However, for slightly more cash, it is possible to get a shoe that performs much better and that will allow growth for the climber. (see Mad Rock Flash or Evolv Defy below).

“These were my first climbing shoes and they have been awesome. The toe is more cushioned than normal but made crack climbing not as painful. I have climbed in them for two years and just now ripped the toe out. I climb about 3 times a week both outside and inside. Overall definitely recommend them” – Read review


La Sportiva Nago – ($99) –  – Read Reviews

La Sportiva Nago

La Sportiva Nago

The La Sportiva is a high quality shoe at $100. It is especially great for beginners who like to climb outdoors a lot as opposed to climbing in a gym as it provides the rugged durability and comfort required for long sessions on the rock face. Even though it is comfortable for the wearer it is still quite a precise shoe and performs well whether smearing, edging or  jamming in the small cracks.

The downside is that this is one of the more expensive models and if you are on a budget, consider looking at a slightly cheaper, but similar quality model (See Mad Rock Flash). Also, the lace-up system makes this shoe one of the least convenient shoes in this line-up as opposed to something like the FiveTen Anasazi Moccasym

“Good quality shoe. Better edging than a Mythos, but not as extreme as others. Good for those who wear shoes for hours at at time” – Read Review


FiveTen Anasazi Moccasym – ($100) –  – Read Reviews

FiveTen Anasazi Moccasym

FiveTen Anasazi Moccasym

The FiveTen Anasazi Moccasym is one of the most comfortable and easy shoes on the market. The simple, yet effective slip-on design makes the shoe perfect for use in the gym which is good for beginners who maybe don’t have a lot of access to the rock but still want to improve. However, don’t be fooled by the comfort of this shoe as a lot of people who buy them find that they can handle just about anything! Buy these shoes a size or so smaller as they are leather and they will stretch, but try them on first to make sure.

If you are on a budget though, go for something cheaper with a bigger range of applications for all-round use (see La Sportiva Mantis, Evolv Defy or Mad Rock Flash) Also, as with a lot of red leather shoes, they do have a tendency to dye your feet red for the first few months…

 “This is a great climbing shoe for most sport climbing. It edges pretty well and forms nicely to your foot. They smear like no other shoe. But be sure to get them small because they stretch a fair bit.” – Read Reviews


Evolv Defy – ($89) –  – Read Reviews

Evolv Defy

Evolv Defy

This shoe is one of the best value shoes on the market and is a really option for those who are on a budget and want to get a lot of value. This shoe is excellent for beginners as it can adapt to most climbing situations, but is more a ‘jack of all trades’ as opposed to a specialist in any specific climbing niche and doesn’t stand out with any particular traits. This again could be a reason for it’s popularity with climbers who are just starting out and looking for their first pair of shoes to suit most situations.

The downside to this shoe is that it does have a tendency to become sloppy after a while of wearing, but this may not be a problem depending on how you advance as a climber as you may be looking to choose a more specialist shoe by the time this shoe becomes past its best.

If you are looking for a shoe that is better with edging and small pockets then we would recommend the Mad Rock Flash

“This is the first shoe I bought for rock climbing and I used it exclusively for gym bouldering plus a little bit of outdoor bouldering. This shoe is fantastic for beginner climbers who are looking for a more comfort-based shoe rather than performance-based, so it can be used for longer climbs as well.” – Read Reviews


Mad Rock Flash – ($50-60) –  – Read Reviews

Mad Rock Flash

Mad Rock Flash


The Mad Rock Flash is an incredible shoe for the amount it costs. The shoe is constructed of a leather upper but is covered in rugged, sticky rubber. The Velcro fastening is beefy and is also covered in rubber. This shoe is unique in the fact that it will adapt amazingly well to pretty much any climbing situation which is why we like it so much for example, the Mad Rock custom heel design makes this shoe excellent in heel-hooking situations. You get SO much shoe for the money.

The biggest downside to this shoe is the durability of the rubber. Whilst you get excellent grip with the stickiness of the shoe, you will find that the shoe will wear down fairly quick. This is not such an issue as the shoe is so cheap.

“The incredibly popular Flash just got better with their new Science Friction rubber. I have to say it is super sticky. Sure these aren’t super high-end Italian made construction. But for the money these shoes are unbeatable.” – Read Reviews



Our ClimbingThings.com choice award for one of the best climbing shoes for beginners is:

Mad Rock Flash – ($50-60) –  – Read Reviews

Mad Rock FlashMad Rock Flash

Mad rock flash front      Mad rock flash rear

Mad rock flash top      Mad rock flash bottom

 – This shoe gives the best versatility than the other shoes available and includes nice features for beginners such as the heel hook design and the sticky rubber.

– This shoe gives an incredible amount of performance for the price this is the ultimate budget shoe packed with all the trimmings a beginner could possibly need to get a foothold on the aspects of climbing wherever you want to climb.

– We found that most other shoes that are as precise as this shoe are almost double in price and we can stand that the durability isn’t as good as some other shoes because the price is so low!

– If in the future you wanted to get more than one pair of this shoe, we recommend you get a pair of tight fitters for the technical bouldering climbs and a comfortable pair for the longer climbs.

See this shoe on Amazon.com

The top 5 shoes for Traditional/Multi-Pitch climbers…

Side-by-side Comparison

BrandLa SportivaFive TenLa SportivaACOPAFive Ten
FeatureRandall Scott Company - America's Premier Outdoor Retailer
Upper: Suede leather, slip lasted
Lining: Pacific
Midsole: LaSpoFlex 1,1 mm only on the anterior of the shoe combined with the P3 system
Weight: Gr. 500 per pair
Designed as a high-performance shoe for high-level climbing
Weight = 7.2oz/204.5g
Color = Ivory
Super Comfortable while handeling all types of climbing equally well
EVA cushioned heel for more comfort when belaying or hanging out between climbs
Stiff mid sole
Comfortable padded leather tongue
4.2mm Acopa RS rubber
Cowdura Upper with little stretch
Dual Velcro hook and loop closures
Asym Toe
Magic Fingers heel with side exit heel seam
Padded tongue with dual pull tabs for easy on
TitleLa Sportiva Men's TC Pro Climbing Shoe,Sage,43.5 (US Men's 10.5) D USFiveTen Men's Galileo Climbing Shoe,Ivory,9 M USMens Mythos Climbing Shoe - 41.5 - TERRAACOPA Men's Aztec Climbing Shoe,Tan,11.5 M USFiveTen Men's Anasazi VCS Onyx Climbing Shoe,Golden Tan,10 M US
Rating5.0 out of 5 stars4.3 out of 5 stars0 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

Acopa Aztec – ($95-100) –  – Read Reviews

Acopa aztec

Acopa aztec

The Aztecs are a good shoe for those looking to get a good all-round shoe that will last all day without a problem. They are a comfortable model and fit to your normal shoe size – although they are a leather shoe and will stretch so bear that in mind. The rubber is durable and will last a long time. They have a good, stiff sole and support under the big toe which is good for standing on those small edges

The downside is that they aren’t a particularly good model for any specialized niche of climbing so bear that in mind as well when you are looking at these. If you are looking for a shoe with a more sticky rubber for big face verticals then we recommend that you try one of the other shoes in this section such as the Five Ten Anasazi VCS.

“I love these shoes! A great buy. My favorite part is the tongue, it has some awesome padding. The leather in the shoe is also very soft. I also like the rubber sole. It goes over the toes and is good for support.” – Read Reviews

La Sportiva Mythos – ($140) –  – Read Reviews

La Sportiva Mythos

La Sportiva Mythos

The Mythos is probably the oldest climbing shoe on the market but is also one of the best selling. They are best known for their comfort and their softness on the foot. The shoe is constructed of an unlined leather and so is prone to stretching, which makes these shoes even more comfortable. Obviously, as with all leather shoes, any stretching will affect the performance of the shoe although the lacing system on this shoe will keep the shoe nice and tight. This shoe is also excellent at cracks due to the flat, stiff sole and the narrow toe point which will allow you to jam your toes in nice and tight, but you won’t get the precision you would get from a high performance shoe like the Five Ten Anasazi VCS or the Five Ten Galileo.

This shoe is perfect for those who want a shoe to last all day or for anyone with any foot problems as a result of injury, etc. Try these shoes on at a mountaineering store to get the best fit due to the stretching and the toe shape before making a purchase.

The price is a little high at $140 but these shoes are built to last and will keep you going for a long time.

“This shoes is great for beginners and experts alike. Super comfortable. One of the best shoes for crack climbing because of the narrow toe profile.” – Read Reviews

Five Ten Galileo – ($140-150) –  – Read Reviews

five ten galileo

Five Ten Galileo

This is the shoe for those looking for high performance on climbs requiring a precision not found in many other climbing shoes on the market. The overall durable design and the stiff sole provide support for the whole foot. The toe edge gives incredible precision in those small pockets and provides the platform which means that you can stand on those micro edges without worry – Think a shoe such as the La Sportiva Muira but without the aggressive downturn shape.

Unfortunately, the stiff precision in this shoe comes at the cost of overall sensitivity beneath your feet. These shoes are tailored to routes that require strength of foot placement on tiny footholds without the need to smear across flatter rock. If you want the sensitivity, go for the the Five Ten Anasazi VCS

“If you like the Anasazi Velcro then these are the same shoe with a stiffer toe. I highly recommend these to anyone that climbs hard vertical routes.” – Read Reviews


La Sportiva TC Pro – ($170 – 180) –  – Read Reviews

La sportiva TC Pro

La sportiva TC Pro

 The La Sportiva TC Pro is a very unique shoe. This shoe was designed for La Sportiva by Tommy Caldwell. He designed this shoe specifically for climbing big, long routes. The first thing he wanted to include in this shoe is protection for your ankle if you are climbing hard rock routes, etc. This means the material comes up a lot higher on the ankle but is still ventilated well with holes in all the right places.

Overall, the shoe is excellent for providing the support for when you need to stand on those tiny edges and cracks as the sole is stiff enough to support you – particularly in the middle of the shoe.

You may find at first that the rubber on this shoe is a little less sticky than some of the other shoes on the market and this may be different to what some climbers are used to but this helps to add to the support for the tiny edges by ensuring that the rubber on the shoe does not cause the shoe to gradually lose purchase on the rock. This also provides durability in the shoe as opposed to the stickier rubber on some shoes that may start to flake off after a decent amount of usage.

This shoe is an expensive shoe and a specialist in the long climbs typical of places like Yosemite where getting the most out of the tiny footholds is essential to success. If you require something a little more versatile then consider something like the La Sportiva Muira or the Five Ten Anasazi VCS.

Tommy Caldwell says:

“These shoes stand out because they use a crazy technology in the middle of the shoe that not even La Sportiva would tell me all the details about. The technology makes it so that shoe has amazing support. The goal is a shoe that really stable to you could wear it a little big for all day comfort and still stand on tiny edges. I wear the same size shoe whether I am working on 5.14 on Mescalito or climbing easier long routes. The mid top protects your ankles but doesnt feel like a clunky high top. It has more durable rubber than the La Sportiva Miura that will probably last twice as long. It is not quite as tacky as other rubber. But, it won’t creep off tiny edges if you are standing on them for a while and won’t start flaking and scaling like softer rubber dos. Because high top, wanted to make them super breathable hence all the vent holes in the tongue and sides. I do all my long routes in these whether it El Cap or long limestone routes. I don’t boulder in them. These are what I climbed Magic Mushroom. For all previous El Cap free routes, I used the La Sportiva Miura.”

“I was very involved with the design of these shoes. I would skype back and forth with La Sportiva, give them feedback, and then get a new prototype a week or two later. We went through nine rounds of this until we got the deign just where we wanted it.”

“A lot of people I know love it for all around trad climbing, but I really find it shines best for edging…The platform they use seems to direct like all of my power (and then a bunch more) onto the edge and I feel like I can literally stand on anything.” – Read Reviews


Five Ten Anasazi VCS – ($120-150) –  – Read Reviews

Five Ten Anasazi VCS

Five Ten Anasazi VCS

The Anasazi Velcro is one of the best shoes available on the market and is a favourite amongst many of the most experienced climbers. This shoe will excel at almost anything where a stiff sole is required. This shoe is balanced well between not being too stiff and being sensitive enough for if you want to feel the rock. This shoe has extreme precision and allows the climber to really get incredible grip on those smaller edges and very tiny foot holds.

They have recently upgraded the heel and Velcro system on this shoe to make it even better. Buy these with a snug fitting if you want them for those hard technical climbs and possibly a little bouldering or buy them comfortable for the all-day Trad Climb.

These are an expensive shoe, but if you want to move onto the next level and you want something that will support you on the small footings on the big trad routes whilst still providing the versatility and sensitivity, then this is the shoe for you. If you wanted that ultimate stiff sole, then go for the La Sportiva TC Pro.

“One of the best shoes for edging. The harder rubber and relatively stiff midsole lets it stand on the tiniest flakes.”

Read Reviews



The ClimbingThings.com choice award for the best trad/multi pitch climbing is:

La Sportiva TC Pro – ($170 – 180) –  – Read Reviews

La sportiva TC ProLa sportiva TC Pro 2La-sportiva-TC-Pro-bottom

– For Trad/Multi Pitch climbing we believe that this shoe gives the best performance. La Sportiva and Tommy Caldwell have done a good job of designing a shoe that combines the precision and durability needed on those long, tiring climbs up the big routes.

– This shoe has a unique system that protects the feet of the climber and we believe that this is an excellent idea that prevents potential injuries on the rock.

– Yes, this shoe is expensive, but we believe that if you are an experienced climber and you are tackling the big routes, you don’t want to be let down by your shoes.

See this shoe on Amazon.com


The top 5 shoes for bouldering climbs

Side-by-side comparison

TitleEvolv Men's Predator G2 Climbing Shoe,Lime/Green,10 M USFiveTen Men's Team 5.10 Climbing Shoe,Blue,10.5 Male USLa Sportiva Men's Solution Climbing Shoes,White,42 (US Men's 9) D USevolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe,Orange/Blue,9 M USLa Sportiva Miura Shoe - Men's Yellow / Black 44
FeatureSuper sensative midsole
Non stretch upper material for consistent performance
Perforated upper for breathability and comfort
Downturned toe for hooking and power transfer
Rugged tread at heel for improved heel hooking
Downturned toe, triple pull tabs, slingshot heel, 2mm toe cover
Stealth Mystique rubber 3.5mm
A high performance shoe purposely built to provide the solution for modern bouldering problems.
Slip Lasted
Performance fit w/ High Asymmetry
The "Knuckle Box" works in combination with the "Love Bump" to provide room for your big toe knuckle to say in a position of power
Three opposing Hook and Loop straps for added security and to create a sock like fit through the arch of your foot
Downturned asymmetric with the "knuckle box". Synthetic upper. Leather forefoot and foot bed, cotton heel
Two piece 4.2 mm TRAX High Friction Rubber. VTR 3D variable thickness toe rand (thicker in front toe box area). MX-P: 1.5 mm half-length "love bump" midsole
Weight: 18.6 oz per pair (size 9).
Comfortable lined leather upper
Aggressive down-turned toe
Proven Miura slip lasted construction (PD75 last)
Refined and ultra-sensitive 1.1 mm. Laspoflex midsole in forefoot
4 mm. Vibram XSV sole
BrandEvolvFive TenLa SportivaEvolvLa Sportiva
Rating4.3 out of 5 stars4.5 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars4.2 out of 5 stars5.0 out of 5 stars
ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead ReviewsRead Reviews
LinkMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore InfoMore Info

Evolv Predator – ($79-125) –  – Read Reviews

Evolv predator

Evolv predator

The Evolv Predator is a blend between budget and performance. If you can’t afford the more expensive shoes, then go for this shoe. It has an easy on/off Velcro system and an aggressive downturn sole with a super-pointy toe which enables this shoe to master those overhanging bouldering problems. It also provides the climber with super sensitive feedback from the rock which allows for super accurate precision edging and the sticky rubber on the shoe grips to those tiny footholds. The synthetic upper means that this shoe will hold its shape much better than a leather counter-part. 

Unfortunately, this shoe does have a couple of downsides – The super sticky rubber means that the shoe can deteriorate quite fast and you could be looking to re-sole these shoes quicker than you may like. Also, the synthetic material does not allow for much ventilation which can mean the shoes get a certain stench to them.

Overall, we think these are excellent for the price! But if you want to upgrade to something on a higher level, we recommend looking at the more expensive shoes in this range (See La Sportiva Muira or Evolv Shaman).

 “This is an excellent shoe. Has a very aggressive downturn and perhaps the most rigid midsole I’ve worn…I’ve done indoor climbing of all sorts as well as outdoor bouldering and leading in these shoes for about 8 months and am extremely impressed with them.” – Read Reviews


Five Ten Team 5.10 – ($98-140) –  – Read Reviews

Five ten team 5.10

Five ten team 5.10

This shoe particularly stands out for its ability for toe-hooking. However, this shoe also stands out for its overall expertise on steep rock and overhangs due to its felxibility, aggressive shape and pointy toe.
In, fact the only shoes to compare to this are the Evolv Shaman and the La Sportiva Muira.

The defining features on this shoe include the spread of the stealth rubber on top of the shoe which adds to the overall durability of the shoe and which is why the shoe is possibly the best on the market for toe-hooks. This shoe will still edge well and will still smear well considering the aggressive shape of the shoe as opposed to a lot of the other aggressively shaped shoes on the market and this is where the flexibility and stickiness come into play.

This shoe is let down mostly by its fastening and its fitting. This shoe is fitted very snug and as this shoe only has one Velcro strap, it can tend to be a little uncomfortable as it seems to only really have one setting – tight. Couple this with the awkwardness of getting the shoe on and off and you may start to look towards something like the much more comfortable and more adjustable Evolv Shaman.

“Amazing bouldering shoe. Nearly perfect.
-Tons of toe rubber (makes aggressive toe hooks and techniques like bycicyling in a roof or cave much, much easier.
-Nice downturn. Great for caves and toeing into even smallish pockets on steep overhangs.
-Surprisingly good at edging, and– if you wear them enough to really break them in– not bad at smearing.”

Read Reviews


La Sportiva Solution – ($170) –  – Read Reviews

La Sportiva Solution

La Sportiva Solution

The La Sportiva Solution is another very unique climbing shoe. It is definitely one of the most aggressively shaped shoes on the market which makes it excellent at high performance sport climbs and boulder problems. This shoe edges incredibly well and retains a lot of sensitivity at the same time which is great for getting feedback on the rock – especially if you can’t see your feet on an overhanging problem. The placement of the rubber on this shoe also makes this shoe an excellent heel and toe hooker. The Vibram XS Grip2 Rubber on this shoe also makes it one of the stickiest shoes from Five Ten meaning this shoe is also good for smearing on those big boulders.

The unique fastening system on this shoe allows you to easily get the shoe on and off in seconds coupled with the precise fitting of any traditional lacing system.

This is a very expensive shoe and it is definitely aimed at a certain market of climbers. Others may prefer a shoe with a much less aggressive sole, a simpler design and a smaller price tag!

“I love these shoes! They’re extremely aggressive and no joke, they make me a better climber. I can use the tiniest dimple in the wall and it’s solid. I’ve had them for about two years, using them about 2-3 times a week and they’re still good. The top of the foot rubber makes a bat-hang seem elementary” – Read Reviews


Evolv Shaman – ($145) –  – Read Reviews

Watch this video to see Chris Sharma talk about the design of the Evolv Shaman

Evolv Shaman

Evolv Shaman

The Evolv Shaman is a shoe that surpasses almost all of the competition when it comes to finding the perfect bouldering shoe. This shoe has some pretty unique design features that make it an excellent choice for those looking for a specialised shoe for steep climbs.

The first and perhaps the most defining feature of this shoe is the aggressive shape of the shoe. The interesting thing about this shoe is that the shape of the shoe is not actually as aggressive as it looks. This is because the shape of the sole is designed in conjunction with a ‘knuckle box’ to house the toe knuckles when your foot is in that down-turned position. This also means that Evolv have been able to remove some of the negative space below the toe knuckles to avoid any distortion in the shoe whilst climbing. The ‘knuckle box’ also has a durable rubber upper for toe-hooking.

This shoe is also designed with a 2-part sole which is designed to make the heel section as snug as possible to improve and solidify your heel-hooking. The mid-sole of the shoe sports a ‘love bump’ which is designed to make the shoe fit as snug as possible into the arch of your foot.

Even though this shoe is designed as a high performance shoe and is better if fitted close to the foot, Evolv have managed to create a shoe that will still provide a lot of comfort at this performance level. This is unusual for a shoe of this style which means that you can wear the shoe for longer periods of time and that there is no need to suffer chronic foot pain. This shoe also has an easy on/of system which we found is much more snug and precise than the La Sportiva Solution.

The outer shoe is a synthetic and so won’t stretch a particularly large amount so you want to fit this shoe as close as possible to your normal shoe size and perhaps a 1/2 size bigger than what you would size other high-performance shoes as the inner sole is a leather which will mould to your foot over time. We would recommend trying these out at a local store before purchasing to ensure a proper fit.

The downsides to this shoe are that they can become fairly stinky over time much like a lot of the other Evolv shoes and we believe that this could be down to some of the lining materials in the shoes.

Also the shape of the shoe and the toe box definitely inhibits its ability to jam into those tiny pockets well and can be a little tricky to use on the more vertical climbs and we would look at getting something like the La Sportiva Muira for something that is a little more versatile.

“Definitely the whole package! The shaman fits perfectly! The heel cup never slips and your toes have the perfect amount of room. I love that the entire top of the toe has rubber on it. This makes it a wonderful shoe for toehooking. Also, the entire heel is covered with rubber which is ideal for heelhooking. The downturned toe is not only perfect for overhanging steepness, it is great for all angles. The three strap design allows you to tighten your shoe to your exact size and comfort. The shaman has comfort, sticky rubber, and is perfect for sending all your projects.” – Read Reviews


La Sportiva Muira – ($160 – 180) –  – Read Reviews

La Sportiva Muira

La Sportiva Muira

The La Sportiva Muira is a shoe for those who really want to take their technical climbing to the next level which is why it is one of the most popular high-performance shoes, especially amongst pros and is another favourite of Tommy Caldwell. Averaging at about $180, this shoe is one of the most expensive that we have reviewed. This shoe is similar to the La Sportiva solution in that it is an edging master.

The Muira is a more versatile, all-round shoe than some of the others in this review which means that you can buy this shoe for bouldering and still get some use from it on those longer climbing sessions without too much trouble. This is mostly due to its shape and comfortability – It is not too aggressively shaped

The lace up system on this shoe allows a nice, precise fit. Even though these shoes are made with a leather upper, the lining prevents them from stretching too much so you should try and fit these as close to your shoe size as possible.

The rubber on this shoe is not the stickiest but is more durable, which may not be preferable to some people especially if you want to use this shoe exclusively for bouldering.

Overall, we think this shoe is an incredible shoe and incredibly versatile, but as mentioned above, if you are looking for a shoe to specialise solely in steep climbs we recommend something like the Evolv Shaman or the La Sportiva Solution.

“Great rock shoe. Well worth the money and good on almost all types of climbing.” – Read Review

Check out this video of Tommy Caldwell climbing El Capitan showcasing the La Sportiva Muira.



Our favorite and one of the best climbing shoes for Bouldering Shoe is:

Evolv Shaman – ($145) –  – Read Reviews



We have recommended this shoe for the following reasons:

– This shoe is a very specialist shoe. We are looking for the shoe that we believe performs the best for bouldering. This shoe is the best shoe if you are looking for something that will translate power to your toes for those incredibly small footholds, cracks and edges.

– The rubber on this shoe is the perfect balance between stickiness and durability depending on how you want to use these shoes – obviously, the harder you climb and the more punishment you give these shoes, the quicker the rubber will deteriorate, which is standard of any bouldering shoe with a sticky rubber.

– The unique design on this shoe makes it a master of toe AND heel hooks. The knuckle box on the front is covered in rubber for protection on the toe hooks and the heel is seperated from the rest of the shoe by the ‘love bump’ in the arch of the shoe which removes any dead space between the shoe and the foot.

– Similar to the ‘love bump’ in the centre of the shoe, the Evolv Shaman has another ‘love bump’ at the front of the shoe which helps to remove any negative space below the toes. This means that the aggressive shape of the shoe is compensated and still provides comfort without cramming the toes tightly together.

Overall, we think this shoe stands up to the job the best for bouldering as opposed to other shoes which have to sacrifice comfort for precision and performance. This is where the Shaman stands out from the crowd.

See this shoe on Amazon.com


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