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Strength Training for Climbing – Everything You Ever Need To Know

To climbers, strength is one of the most important factors. Regardless of how experienced you are as a climber and how perfect your technique is, there will always be those routes and problems that require a whole lot of pure, good ole’ strength. Strength is obviously not the only important thing in climbing, but then again, neither is technique. The key is to blend the two together to create a masterpiece!

In this article, we are going to cover the different areas of strength required in climbing and some of the ways to build strength for climbing and ideas for routines you can follow and use if you wish.

The different areas of climbing strength.

Strength for climbing can be broken down into different areas of the body as each area is required for different parts of the climbers strength package.

Each different area relates to a different area in climbing and we will be outlining techniques and tips to improve your strength in all of these areas.

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Finger and Grip Strength

Arm Strength (Forearms, Biceps and Triceps)

Body Strength (Chest and Back)

Core strength (Abs and Obliques) 

– Leg strength (Thighs, Calves, Ankles and Feet)


Workouts for climbing

In this section we will be listing different workout plans that we think you will find useful to help you build strength for climbing.

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